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Primary School Principal


St. Patrick’s International Primary, Blantyre. 

About the Role

As a Primary School Principal, you will oversee the daily activities and operations within the school. Your main responsibilities will include disciplining or advising students, approving teacher curriculums, and ensuring the school environment is safe for all students and staff members.


  • Ensure that academic policies and curriculum are followed.

  • Help teachers maximize their teaching potential.

  • Meet and listen to the concerns of students regularly.

  • Develop and track benchmarks for measuring institutional success.

  • Meet with parents and administrators regularly for problem resolution.

  • Enforce discipline when necessary.

  • Provide an atmosphere free of bias in which students can achieve their maximum potential.


  • A Master’s degree in education is considered the minimum qualifying credential or a Bachelor’s degree in education with at least 4 years of working experience in a leadership role.

  • Strong communication skills to develop a productive educational experience for both teachers and students.

  • Excellent problem-solving skills to enhance teacher performance and improve student grades.

  • Valid teaching license.

How to Apply

 Send your CV to

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