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St Patrick’s International Academy provides boarding facility for girls and boys from Form 1 to 6. Our boarding house welcomes students into a happy, comfortable and friendly environment. Boarders are cared for by the Boarding Matron and Boarding Master. All boarders are required to leave the boarding house over the mid-term breaks, on certain closed weekends and school holidays. Boarders are not allowed to leave the property without written permission. Parents/ Guardians are allowed to visit but permission must be granted by the boarding Master/Matron.


        Boarding school prepares students with many skills needed in later life: it encourages independence, promotes responsibilities, develops respect for others in a communal-style living space and builds self-confidence.



Our main aim is the happiness of our girls and boys in the boarding house. We offer a “home away from home” environment and every attempt is made to help the students feel part of a family.



  • Boys’ boarding is accommodated with 11 bedrooms.

  • Girls’ boarding is accommodated in 10 bedrooms.

  • Well-appointed boarding facilities, bedrooms, study, recreational and bathroom facilities.

  • Balanced, nutritious meals prepared by experienced chefs are served in our air conditioned dining room. Meals are served ‘buffet style’ so that girls and boys may help themselves.

  • Mid-morning tea and afternoon tea are also served in the dining room. The school tuck-shop is open at break and lunch time during the week.

  • Supervised prep sessions are compulsory every evening.

  • State-of-the-art computer facilities are available on the school campus to allow learners to complete homework and research tasks.

  • A bus service to the local shopping centre is available every second Saturday morning so boarders can do their personal shopping and have some leisure time (all under adult supervision).

  • Comfortable recreation/common room with TV, board games, books for students to relax and feel at home.

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