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Empowering Education

Welcome to St Patrick's International Academy

Welcome To  St. Patrick's  International Academy

St Patrick’s Academy is a well-established,independent school situated in Sunnyside, Blantyre. The process of developing young adults into balanced, accomplished, and confident adults is central to our vision, which forms the core of St Patrick's. At St Patrick’s we regard each and every one of our students as a true original, with his/her own special set of talents and attributes.

As educators, we are honored to be part of this transformation: from the Preschool where boys and girls grow with confidence and enquiring minds, to the Junior and Senior Schools where they flourish and develop each year, acquiring skills for life and the ability to contribute to a global future.



St. Patrick's International Academy offers both day and boarding school options, providing a comprehensive and inclusive educational environment. Our boarding house accommodates 80 girls and 80 boys, available for students from Form 1 to Form 6. We welcome students from across Malawi and beyond, ensuring a happy, comfortable, and friendly atmosphere that supports their academic and personal growth.

Primary School and Jack & Jill Nursery

At St. Patrick's International Academy, our Primary School and Jack & Jill Nursery provide nurturing environments where young learners flourish. Dedicated teachers foster a love for learning through balanced curricula that include academics, arts, and physical education, while offering personalized attention to support each child's holistic growth. Our inclusive community welcomes students from diverse backgrounds, ensuring they are prepared for future success. In the nursery, experienced educators create a safe and engaging atmosphere that fosters curiosity, creativity, and social development through play-based learning and hands-on activities, laying the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. Join us in nurturing your child's potential in our caring and supportive community.


Insights & Updates

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