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Our Past Events

St patrick's day 2020

St Patrick's Day, held on 17th March, is an annual event here at St Patrick's International Academy. This year, we had a fun-filled day with loads of games and activities.

Our activities include Twister 2.0, Tug of War; where students had to recruit a teacher to be in their team, Capture the Leprechaun (originally capture the flag), Wet the Teacher & Student; where teachers and students alike volunteered to be the target of wet sponges, Artheraphy; featuring a blank canvas for everyone to add something to create an artwork, a scavenger hunt, and a football juggling & freestyle competition! 

We ended the day with a cultural fashion competition where our staff and students showed off their traditional outfit, and a talent show featuring music and dancing.


Our students played a big part in organising the event, building their organisational, collaboration and communication skills along the way. A day of much needed fun and bonding between teachers and students. Here at St Patrick's International Academy, we work hard and play hard!

Christmas Market for charity


Christmas is the season of giving! In that spirit, we held a Christmas Market to raise funds for charity. 

We had various food and drinks stalls; from Mikos, Caribbean Bistro, Maravi Bakes and Michy's cakes to name a few. We also had some non-food stalls selling books, fashion & cosmetics, natural body products, kitchenware and stationery. To top it off, we even had a mendi stall, a face-painting stall, and a lucky draw with pretty, wrapped presents. Entertainment include, carols by the school choir and a saxophone performance.

Even Santa Clause paid a visit and offered treats to boys and girls!  

Besides providing a platform for local businesses to gain exposure, all profits went to charity! We used all profits from stall bookings and entry fees to buy high-protein food for the Burns Unit at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. We donated 5 crates of eggs, 200 packets of 50g soya pieces, 25kg of Soya-Maize porridge flour and ten 500g packets of powdered milk. Thanks to the support we received, the patients at the Burns Unit have access to high-protein foods that will aid in their recovery. That's what Christmas is all about!




On the 14th of February 2020, we threw an Anti-Valentine's Disco to raise funds for our Form 5 prom, and also offer a chance for students to unwind for the mid-term break. Our student councils chose the theme, to spread the message that we don't need romantic love to enjoy high school life. 

It was a night of dancing, music and taking photos. We featured a unique Photo Booth that offered 12 different backgrounds and special effects. Teachers were patrolling inside and outside the hall, to ensure that all students were on their best behaviour.


The night ended with everyone's phone full of pictures, and their hearts full of joy. 

Mother's day


Here at St Patrick's International Academy we celebrate Mother's Day to honor mothers, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. 

This year, our students invited their mothers to school for a day of appreciation. We launched an original Mothers' Day song and music video, featuring our very own students. We even did a little interview with our students around the campus, asking them questions about their mothers. Their responses left the audience roaring with laughter and shedding happy tears. There was even a beautifully decorated refreshment table for the mothers; with cakes, sandwiches, biscuits, coffee and tea. We explored the bond between mothers and their children through a game of "Find my Voice", where a blindfolded student had to find their mother only by following her voice. 

To end the day, our students offered a card and rose to their mothers; giving them a chance to express their love and appreciation towards their mothers. It was a beautiful and meaningful celebration, and there was not a dry eye in the house.