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St Patrick’s Primary, established in 1994, is a well known Primary school in the Blantyre Community. From the start it has been our focus to provide a positive and supportive learning environment whilst caring for our students and community. 

We offer a sound education through English first language, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, French, Drama, Sports and Music. We follow the Montessori system in the Nursery, and continue with Early Years Foundation Stages in the Primary, leading up to the Cambridge Curriculum in Year 6. 

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive curriculum of academic, cultural and sporting activities of an international standard which develop the student as a whole. We foster fundamental moral values, in students, that lead to the development of a responsible and socially aware member of the community. Our learn through play system in the early years promotes interpersonal and intrapersonal skills in order to facilitate successful social integration. 

St. Patrick's Primary offers a low student teacher ratio in the classroom, IT tuition in a state of the art computer suite, modern and interactive playground and Professional staff, amongst many other things. 

As educators, we are strive to help develop a total person mentally, physically, spiritually and morally who has a sense of self awareness, responsibility, honesty, confidence and motivation that is accepted globally. 

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