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 As an esteemed institution committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive learning environment, we are constantly seeking talented educators and professionals who share our passion for providing an outstanding education to our students. Join our dedicated team of international educators, collaborate with diverse cultures, and inspire young minds to reach their fullest potential.

Discover exciting opportunities to grow professionally and make a lasting impact on the world through education.




  • Develop, implement, and monitor strategic plans for high-quality education.

  • Evaluate and support faculty members with ongoing professional development.

  • Collaborate to enhance interdisciplinary learning and innovative teaching methods.

  • Engage and communicate effectively with students, parents, and the community.

  • Oversee the academic curriculum, aligning it with international standards.

  • Monitor student progress and implement intervention strategies as needed.

  • Maintain a safe learning environment and promote student welfare.


  • Minimum degree in education or related field.

  • Proven leadership in an international school setting.

  • Extensive knowledge of global education systems.

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

  • Excellent organizational and problem-solving abilities.

  • Demonstrated ability to foster a positive school culture that embraces diversity & inclusivity.

  • Fluent in English.

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