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We aim to provide pupils with a well-rounded education based on broad and balanced foundations.

A passion for child education was born when the Mudaliar family realised that there was a need for a caring learning environment in 1992.  It started when they took in 4 young children at home (based on the campus), which grew very quickly and a few years later (1994), the doors to the current St. Patrick's Primary School opened. 

In 2004, the foundation to the current high school building was laid and then constructed.  Since then, St Patrick’s International Academy has evolved into a full-fledged high school, offering the Cambridge International Curriculum. We now offer a well-rounded education experience to pupils from 18 months (pre-nursery) to 17 years old. (A levels).

It remains the intention and dream of the Mudaliar family to introduce St. Patrick's tertiary education at a later stage. The family is still very much involved in the day to day maintenance and running of the schools. 

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