Why Choose Us?

What makes a good school?

At St Patrick's International Schools, we apply a holistic, evidence-based philosophy designed to build the character of students and empower lifelong, independent learning. By combining traditional and modern values, our educators are able to challenge students on a personal, individualised basis, enabling exposure to repeated experiences that push students towards true breakthroughs in learning.

At A Glance


Here are three more reasons to choose St Patrick's International Schools for your child's education: 


An Ideal Environment for Learning


St Patrick's International School Campuses are designed to meet the educational needs of the 21st Century learners. Our campus provides a lush, spacious and conducive environment for learning, complete with facilities to support academic, arts, and sports activities, including a full-size soccer pitch, a basketball court  and age-appropriate play facilities.

Helping students 'Learn how to learn'

Besides academic success, holistic education needs to recognise students with potential and talent, and prioritise their development by providing a supportive environment for their growth. As such, we actively pursue strategies that blend academic focus with a wide variety of pastoral and after-school activities to empower students to own their learning progress.


Teachers experienced in international curriculum

St Patrick's International School's staff and teachers are dedicated team players who are passionate about quality education. Our teaching faculty have years of experience helping students reach their goals and achieve academic excellence. Learning support is available to students who need extra assistance.